Ugly Duck rescue unloved seasonal Australian produce to create outstanding deliciousness. The taste and freshness of the ingredients matter, odd shapes don’t!


These little fruit pastes are the best accompaniment to any cheeseboard, in fact we think they're essential.


Quince - Classic, Classy and Chic. This is the best place to start when creating to impress. Matches well with soft brie as well as sharp cheddars.


Pear and Pink Peppercorn - step it up a notch with this delight. The sweetness of the pear can cut through the stinkiest of cheeses, so slather it on blue or washed rinds with a little more complexity. The Pink Peppercorn adds fragrance and a lift to the palate - sure to please.


Plum and Chilli - This is not your average match, yet it works! Best with something with bite, aged hard goats or sheep’s cheese is my preference. We have been known to use it with spring rolls too!


All Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan

Ugly Duck Fruit Pastes